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Hi Birthday Card Buyers!

Welcome to our fun and unique online greeting cards website. We are a family owned paper card boutique owned by ChuckleBerry's Paper Card Company. Every part of our business is a family affair including our two cutie patootie daughters that are featured on our card covers.

Our Paper Giggles line of greeting cards are geared towards women including moms, friends, sisters and others. Our main concentration is on birthday cards and relationship cards with funny sayings and inspirational quotes..

Update: We are no longer printing our cards in our studio. You can still order our cards for your business but they now come directly from the printer.

We've moved our funny birthday cards to a great online service called Zazzle! You can order our cards there and even customize them. Unfortunately Zazzle! does not have our signature polka dotted envelopes.

Zazzle birthday cards are the best way to send birthday wishes. Shop thousands of b-day cards and customize with a personal message or photo. Cards are produced and shipped to you in 24 hours! Order 10 or more and save 25%! You now have more options in ordering and the more you order the cheaper the card price gets!

Order our Cards Online!

Visit Wholesale Paper Cards for wholesale information and surf over to ChuckleBerry's for more funny greeting cards online.

Online Friendship Card

Traveling Life's Path With You Has Been
A Great Adventure!

Thanks For Being My Friend

Online Birthday Card

These Are The "Good Old Days" You'll Miss
20 Years From Now!

Happy Birthday!

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According to the Greeting Card Association, women account for 80% of all greeting card sales. This means that 4 out of 5 purchases is going to be made by a woman. When you are preparing to purchase cards for sale, remember that even male themed cards are likely to be purchased my a female.

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